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About the DDB


The Competitive EDH Decklist Database is a repository of common, important, and otherwise noteworthy decks in the cEDH format. The Competitive EDH Decklist Database is not intended to be a comprehensive resource or a full picture of the competitive EDH metagame at any given point in time, and should be used as a reference point and contributing resource rather than a defining set of rules and decks, decks excluded from the Competitive EDH Decklist Database may still be considered to be “cEDH”. The Competitive EDH Decklist Database is not a tier list or an indicator of deck strength within the competitive EDH meta at large, and while the list of recommended decks may have a higher overall power level, there is no hard and fast rule that a recommended deck will be more powerful than any others.


Deck recommendations are chosen to help players discover reliable options for strategies, color combinations, and archetypes that they are interested in. Contributing factors to a list being recommended:

  • Power level
  • Overall popularity
  • Color combination representation
  • Strategy representation
  • Archetype maturity
  • Available resources
  • Primer
  • Active deck community
  • Learning material

Decklists are recommended based on the discretion of the Database Managers, and are subjective evaluations of the deck based on the above factors. Note that not all of the above factors will be present for any given recommendation, and there is an inherent intangibility to the qualities that make the Database Managers recommend a specific deck.

Deck Submissions

A new addition to the database should contain:

  • A powerful and unique strategy within the cEDH format
  • A commander that uniquely enables the deck and is not easily replaced by a more powerful option
  • No obvious exclusions of staple cards without adequate justification

A deck entry is not meant to encompass all possible lists for a given archetype, but rather portray a proven and reliable option for a decklist or a direction for an archetype as well as the notable variations that have been created by notable pilots.

Table Categories


  • Decks that are intended for competitive and follow the minimum power guidelines (coming soon, probably).
  • No joke decks, decks must be intended for competitive play.
  • Recommendations are given out based on our discretion. You can read about our criteria by which we recommend a deck in the "About the DDB" page.


  • Old, banned, abandoned, outdated, or otherwise formerly-played decks.
  • Intended for archival purposes, so that players can find inspiration from lists that are no longer competitive.
  • No joke decks, decks must have been intended for competitive play at some point in the past.


  • Joke decks, gimmicky decks, parodies, or otherwise comedic lists.
  • Submissions should be relatively known to the online cEDH community - don't just submit a random list directly to the meme table.
  • You must have created the deck and/or received permission from the deck's creator(s) before submitting it to the meme table. We'd like to avoid bullying our players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Policy

Information we collect

All of our personally identifiable information (PII), which may include deck links, descriptions, usernames, or any other user-input field, will be removed upon request. This form functions as our users' main avenue for removing information from the Database. We will also respond to requests made on our Discord server, or PMs directly to a Database Manager.

We will never sell, rent, or lease your Discord usernames, IP addresses, or any other submitted information to 3rd parties. We may use Discord usernames or submitted information to contact users in order to confirm information or ask questions about the decks.

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DMCA Takedowns

If you would like to issue a DMCA takedown regarding your copyrighted content, the Make a Request page of the cEDH Decklist Database serves as the official avenue for issuing takedowns. Include a link to a PDF in the body of your submission, and select the "Other" option in the dropdown, and your request will be reviewed by a DDB manager.