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About the DDB

Welcome to the cEDH Decklist Database (DDB). The DDB is a showcase of different decks from cEDH. The goal of the DDB is to highlight the variety of different decks that exist within that space to help new players acclimate to cEDH concepts and possibilities while also helping established players find inspiration for brewing and playing. The DDB is not a tier list, nor a collection of tournament decks, and should not be considered in any way a list of the “best” decks in cEDH nor an exhaustive list of decks in cEDH. It is a collection of decks that the DDB Managers and Reviewers believe underscore just some of a variety of options available to players within the world of cEDH.

The decks shown on the DDB are looked over by an experienced team of reviewers before getting a final approval to be on the DDB by the manager team. The following is a list of some of the different items that are taken into account when reviewing:

-A strategy that can hold its own in a cEDH environment

-Inclusion of all relevant cards for the deck’s strategy

-A chosen commander that enhances the deck’s performance

-The ability to relevantly impact the game state in the earliest turns of a game

-Listed on an approved decklist site

Notably, the DDB does not attempt to use gameplay data as a major arbiter of deck evaluation due to the difficult and nebulous nature of acquiring accurate gameplay data for cEDH. Although some team members may be involved in other projects addressing data within cEDH, those projects are not considered when making decisions regarding the DDB.

A submitted deck not being accepted to the DDB does not mean that deck is not mean the deck is not competitive, not fun, or not worth playing. It simply means the team did not want to display it at that time. As cEDH shifts, new cards are printed, and opinions change, resubmitted decks often find their way onto the DDB, so a deck not being on the DDB in a given review cycle is not the final word from the DDB team.

Brewer’s Corner vs. Main Page

With the goal of highlighting different decks within cEDH, the DDB has a Brewer’s Corner page for new decks. The Brewer’s Corner is designed to showcase decks that have the potential to be on the main DDB page, but that the community may not be familiar with. The reviews for decks going to the Brewer’s Corner are less strict than decks going to the main page in order to allow time for those decks to be considered by a wider audience.

New deck archetypes accepted to the DDB will start on the Brewer’s Corner, and the decks on the Brewer’s Corner are all evaluated to potentially move to the main page or be removed during each review cycle. If a decklist is maintained, and the strategy has proven itself to be strong enough to the DDB team, decks will move from the Brewer’s Corner to the main page. Brewer’s Corner reviews take into account the review and manager teams, as well as public feedback. Players can submit feedback on Brewer’s Corner decks through the feedback form available in the changelog channel on the DDB Discord as well as on the Brewer’s Corner section of the website.

Archived decks

The Archived section (currently named 'Outdated') is meant to display decks that have been on the main page but have been moved due to general power level concerns, essential pieces being banned, or a lack of updates. It also contains decks that historically saw play but were never on the main page.

Decks can be submitted directly into the outdated section if it is a list that commonly saw play. Otherwise, any deck that is removed from the ‘Competitive decks’ section is automatically moved to ‘Outdated’. Decks that have not been updated in six months will be moved to the outdated section regardless. We use 'Last updated' fields on decklist sites to determine this duration. Decks that are deleted from the Brewer’s Corner are not put in the outdated section, as many of these decks are still being explored and likely didn’t fit our requirements.

The DDB Team

As mentioned above, the DDB is maintained by a team of managers and reviewers. The review team provides initial feedback on all the lists submitted to the DDB, in addition to providing ongoing feedback about the main DDB page, Brewer’s Corner lists, and the website itself. The review team currently consists of the following members:



















The management team oversees the review team’s work and uses their feedback to make final decisions regarding the DDB, in addition to handling the non-technical work on the DDB and discord. The current management team consists of:



Additionally, the DDB would not function without the technical work of our volunteer web director, Average Dragon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please check out our FAQ in this Google Document

  • If you are interested in joining the DDB team, we periodically reach out to add new reviewers. Although the application is not currently live, new reviewer applications typically occur 1-2 times a year.

Privacy Policy

Information we collect

All of our personally identifiable information (PII), which may include deck links, descriptions, usernames, or any other user-input field, will be removed upon request. This form functions as our users' main avenue for removing information from the Database. We will also respond to requests made on our Discord server, or PMs directly to a Database Manager.

We will never sell, rent, or lease your Discord usernames, IP addresses, or any other submitted information to 3rd parties. We may use Discord usernames or submitted information to contact users in order to confirm information or ask questions about the decks.

Google Ads and Analytics

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Website visitors may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. Ad blocking software, such as uBlock Origin, will also nullify all of our 3rd-party data collection, and can function as an easy opt-out option.

DMCA Takedowns

If you would like to issue a DMCA takedown regarding your copyrighted content, the Make a Request page of the cEDH Decklist Database serves as the official avenue for issuing takedowns. Include a link to a PDF in the body of your submission, and select the "Other" option in the dropdown, and your request will be reviewed by a DDB manager.